Balcony Door Design Ideas To Create Interesting Interiors

Balconies are important spaces in any modern apartment. They are your gateway to the outdoors, and the right balcony door design can help you decide how to transform the space when the need arises. Earlier, most houses had balcony doors with wooden frames. While we still like the charm of wooden balcony door designs, there are plenty more options to choose from when you’re looking for the best modern balcony door design for your home. A good balcony door design will let in plenty of natural light and air, which is extremely beneficial to any home as per Vastu Shastra. So, here are six beautiful balcony door design ideas for your home to let the energies flow.

Sliding Glass Door Design For The Balcony

F Found in most modern apartments, sliding glass doors with metal frames can be your go-to option for balcony door design. You can up the number of door panels depending on the length of your balcony and the attached room.
This modern balcony door design is a fail-safe option and ensures that your attached indoor space gets ample light and air.

French Wooden Door Design For Your Balcony

FFrench doors with wooden frames add a classic vibe to the balcony door design. These double doors usually open out into the balcony, inside or both ways. You can opt for a style based on the availability of space on either end.
The French door design lets in lesser light compared to a full glass sliding door so we recommend it for homes that already have ample natural light pouring in.

Openable Glass Door Design For The Balconyy

Y You can replace the sliding element of a typical glass door for the balcony and go for a modern balcony door design with an openable glass door instead. These door frames are usually made of metal, and you can opt for a neutral colour like black or white as per the colour scheme of your space. Doors that open inside or outside are well suited for balconies that have ample space so that such doors do not cause an obstruction when left open.

Shutter Style Balcony Door Design For Your Home

AA shutter style balcony door design is a space-saving option that’s ideal for smaller spaces. It is a good alternative if you don’t wish to go for the typical sliding glass door.
The door opens into a niche in the ceiling. If you’re looking for a balcony door design that stays out of the way, resulting in a more open living space indoors, the shutter style balcony door option would be great for your home.

Sliding Glass Balcony Door With A Wooden Frame

S Sliding glass doors are generally the norm for balconies, and if you have a larger space for the door frame you can opt for sliding glass doors set in a wooden frame.
These doors will be heavier than the regular sliding glass door designs, but a solid mechanism will ensure that they remain as functional as you need them to be.

Folding Shutter Doors For The Balcony

T These folding shutter doors are good for the balcony in two cases — one, if your balcony is flooded with natural light during the day, in which case you can keep the doors shut for some shade from time to time; and two, if you want to ditch curtains for your space and opt for door options that do the job by themselves.

As a thumb rule, opt for sliding doors for the balcony if the attached indoor or outdoor space is smaller. You can opt for doors that open and shut for slightly roomy spaces so that these can be left open without getting in the way. If you live in a place where your balcony is heavily exposed to rainwater or humidity, you might want to avoid wooden doors as they can absorb the moisture and inflate, undergo discolouration and require higher maintenance in general.

While planning home interiors, the balcony door design is seldom given the kind of prominence that it deserves. But you can match the style of your balcony door with the overall interior style of your home, as well as with the expected functionality in terms of the available space.

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